We are no longer selling the physical gift cards, but you can use these at our stores in Australia still.

Using a Gift Card

When you, or the person you have purchased it for, wants to use it, simply use it as you would an EFTPOS card.

  1. Let the staff know you are purchasing the drinks by card, and then swipe the card.
  2. Select SAVINGS
  3. Enter the PIN number that is initially hidden behind the card’s scratch panel
  4. Enjoy your drink!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check my card’s balance?

Please visit this link and enter the Gift Card details.

What should I do if my card shows no balance after purchasing it?

Please contact us at info@gongchatea.com.au. Please provide the receipt, if possible, and details of the transaction, such as date, time, and store purchased at.

Can I load more money onto the card?

Unfortunately, each Gift Card could load balance for once.

What happens if I lose my card?

We will not able to trace or refund your Gift Card, and have no means to disable it.

How long can I use my card for?

The Gift Card is valid for 36 months from the time of purchase.

Can I use the card to pay for part of the purchase?

Yes, please advise the staff that you would like to split the payment.

Can I use the gift card anywhere else besides at Gong cha stores?

No, the Gift Card is only available at participated Gong Cha stores

Terms of Use

Gong Cha Australia GIFT CARD CONDITIONS OF USE  ( gift cards ) The Face of the card says  “GIFT CARD”   and/or the back of the card makes reference to “GIFT CARD”

These Terms and Conditions govern the use and operation of your Cards4all Gift Card (gift card), issued by Gong Cha Australia Pty. Ltd. ABN 56 155 164 864.

You agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions by purchasing, activating, using or attempting to use your card or making any transactional query. You warrant to us that you will comply with these Terms and Conditions and all applicable laws and that your card will not be used in any manner which is unlawful, misleading, deceptive or unfair.

If you let another person use your gift card, you must tell them that they will be bound by these conditions. You are responsible for your card and liable for all transactions on your card, including any fees which are applicable. Queensland law applies to this agreement. By entering into this agreement you unconditionally submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of Queensland. You have certain rights under trade practices law which cannot be excluded. Except for those rights, any conditions or warranties implied by Commonwealth, State, Territory or other laws are excluded from these Terms and Conditions.

Gong Cha Australia will not be liable to the cardholder or anyone else for any losses suffered or incurred due to delivery, redemption or use of any card. All Gift Cards remain the property of Gong Cha Australia. At their discretion, Gong Cha Australia may provide either a refund or a replacement gift card of equivalent value unless we reasonably suspect fraud in relation to a gift card.

This Card can be used to purchase goods or services from Gong Cha Australia stores across Australia (at the merchant’s discretion) when the gift card has enough unused value to make the purchase. You do not need to use the whole card value in one transaction. To use your Gift Card, swipe your card in the EFT terminal, select the SAV button and enter your PIN. Where your purchase is less than the current card value, the remaining balance will remain on your card. If your purchase exceeds the current card value, you must pay the excess using another method of payment.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the transaction amount is correct before you enter your PIN authorising the transaction. By entering your PIN, you confirm your agreement that the transaction amount is correct. You agree that the amount shown on a sales record is sufficient evidence of the cash price of the goods to which the transaction record relates.

Gift cards cannot be used to withdraw cash at ATM or EFTPOS nor be redeemed for cash, reloaded, returned for a refund, or have their balances transferred, consolidated or replaced.

Gift Cards cannot have further value-added once it has been loaded with the nominated value. Gift Cards are not legal tender, credit cards, account cards, debit cards or securities.

Treat your Gift Card as cash, anyone holding the gift card can use its value to make purchases. Lost, stolen or damaged cards are not replaced or refunded. If your gift card is lost or stolen, or you suspect an unauthorised transaction, immediately report this to Gong Cha Australia by emailing us at info@gongchatea.com.au.  This may reduce the gift card value being used. Card number, original balance and expiry date will be required.

You should keep all transaction records provided to you by merchants, to verify the correct value on the Gift Card and the load date of the Gift card. Use this receipt to resolve any mistaken transaction on your gift card by contacting the business where the mistake was made or the card was purchased.  Gift Cards which are defaced, damaged, mutilated, altered or tampered with in any way will be voided. Gift Cards may be subject to verification and security checks and in our absolute discretion, voided.

Gong Cha Australia is not liable for the availability, quality or fitness for purpose of any goods or services purchased with the gift card. Any dispute about goods or services purchased with the gift card must be resolved with the supplier. Except for rights which cannot be excluded, any conditions or warranties implied or imposed by legislation or otherwise are excluded from these conditions of use. To the extent permitted by law, Gong Cha Australia’s liability is limited to replacing faulty gift cards.

This Gift Card will expire on the expiry date on the back of the card. Check the expiry date on your gift card as soon as you receive it or check your gift card account online for expiry. Any balance that remains after the expiry date will not be available for use and will be forfeited by you. Your card is only valid until the expiry date shown on your gift card or your card account at www.cards4all.com.au.

As of 01/07/2021, all our gift cards have a value expiry of 36 months to comply with current legislation for gift cards being sold, with the exception of promotional cards that are classified for use in a promotional or give away sense only. These include promotional, give away, incentive, rewards and prize give away gift cards are exempt from the 36-month legislation requirements.

Where it becomes necessary to return goods or otherwise provide a refund where the purchase was conducted with your gift card, those funds will be refunded onto another Gift Card. It is not possible to reimburse funds to the original Gift Card.  If you wish to dispute an amount deducted from your card, you must contact the merchant where the purchase was conducted and if dissatisfied, then contact Gong Cha Australia. If an amount is not disputed within 90 days after the transaction date, we may (at our sole discretion) refuse to provide you with a refund. If you have a problem, complaint or suggestion about your card or these Terms and Conditions, please contact us. Alternately to inform us of a dispute please email info@gongchatea.com.au.

To check the balance, transaction history and expiry date of your gift card online, please visit cards4all.com.au/gongcha and enter the gift card details.

You do not need to use the whole card value in one transaction. To use your Gift Card, swipe your card in the EFT terminal, select the SAV button and enter your PIN.

If the store ceases to honour the gift cards, contact Gong Cha Australia and we will seek to resolve the issue.

EFTPOS gift cards and Re-loadable ATM cards are issued by Cards4all Pty Ltd. Funds loaded on gift cards are held by Indue Ltd, an Authorised Deposit Taking Institution subject to the supervision of Australian Prudential Regulation Authority.